I have a solution that will finally make govts sustainable. The problem is that no matter the political ideology, the ‘leaders’ will always gain too much power. People attracted into govt are the types that want as much power and control as possible; this will never change. Therefore, replacing the govt with a ‘new’ system or new people will inevitably result in failure. We can’t have new people to solve the problem of people.

Up until this point we’ve had to rely on archaic monolithic systems. Monolithic systems are never as good as modular ones. With a modular system, there is rarely a single point of failure. We can see the effects of this in operating systems. Linux is normally regarded as more stable and thus, is usually used for servers, whereas Windows (which is monolithic) is not. It is clear that we need a modular system for governance as well, but NONE of the current ideologies are like that. They all suppose a single government – some smaller – some bigger, but it’s all one unit. Secondly, the people of the country need to be in DIRECT control of the system. The way the people vote will have their best interest at heart, whereas electing politicians often results in a big disconnect because they are self serving and want the system to be as large as possible. Think of it like flying a kite vs. driving a car. The systems we have today are like flying a kite; it usually goes wherever it wants and can often dive directly into the ground. Giving people direct control over the system is like driving a car. Yes, you can still crash, but 99% of the time, you are in direct control. And the combined effort/knowledge of everyone creates a perfect image of what that society wants. It’s blatantly clear that we need a system where we are in direct control.

I call it the blockchain SOS – society operating system. And we really need an SOS anyway 🙂 The systems we have today were mostly derived before technology and so it doesn’t take advantage of the advances we’ve made. So how do you make it modular and allow for direct control by the people? Now we have the technology to do this – blockchain. Except when you mention blockchain everyone thinks of a currency. That is NOT what this is about. Blockchain tech itself has nothing to do with currency, it’s simply a redundant decentralized way of storing data. It’s like digital DNA cause every set contains the whole. So my conclusion is that we create a blockchain to REPLACE the govt (or to be implemented after a collapse, so no overthrow is required). If it’s done well, people will automatically gravitate to it after the collapse cause it’s a good way to get the system running again.

There are NO politicians. The problem is that ‘leaders’ can never solve the problem of people. The 100% way to solve it is to replace the govt and all politicians with a blockchain that everybody votes though. They all vote and rate every single bill themselves through the system. They are given karma points like on reddit depending on their participation (no matter what they vote for). Anybody can make a new law, service, or project. Each of these have a slightly different function, but the main point is that there are NO leaders and the people control the system in it’s entirety.

All of these services are provided by private businesses (completely modular). People choose to subscribe to the services that they desire – nothing more. These services can be up-voted or down-voted and given reviews like on Amazon. This way, all of the services that the govt is meant to provide comes from a private entity and they are fully held accountable. People can link their crypto currency of choice into the system and use it to pay their automatic monthly “govt” bills. There would be NO taxes! There’s no reason for them when you choose your services directly. The only complicated part is having a uniform military that acts in unison as ‘one’, but that could be figured out. In addition, it has to be an invite only system so you don’t get bots or fake accounts. Otherwise, it’s perfect. If not this, I know at least some rendition of this is possible.

BOOM! Guaranteed fix. Please spread this idea as much as possible if you see merit in it. I want to see a new open source blockchain started that implements something like this.

Welcome to the first post of DosaidSoft.

DosaidSoft is the name that the son of the main presenter gave his one man company right after high school.

(DOS – AID – SOFT – an Aid for the DOS operating system.)

We have been around since 2010, but we have taken a hiatus from posting on our original blogger blog.

We are beginning a new chapter with this website. We will discuss everything from computer software and hardware to radio. I will post my projects here.

For the hardware and electronics projects, I plan to post detailed tutorials. I will also post my software and games. I like to program in C#, Unity, AGS (adventure game studio), and C when I am doing microcontroller projects. In terms of microcontrollers, I like to use the PIC18F series and I use MikroC to program them.

My two main interests are radio and old computers. You will see any retro games I make posted here as well as some designs for radio transmitters.

I hope you enjoy what is to come.