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I have to get this off my chest and I’m doing so here on my site, so I don’t get moderated.

Have you noticed the severe increase in moderation recently? Now, it may be obvious that there would be increased moderation about anything political, but that’s not what I’m talking about. That’s understandable; not desirable, but still understandable. The problem I’m facing gives me a glimpse into the human mind. I believe there to be some type of mental disease that infects certain people. It’s not as simple as the power that moderators get from censoring or deleting people – it goes much farther than that. They have blind adherence to unjust rules created by some “supreme commander” type person. This commander will create an insane number of rules and regulations about what can be posted in a certain forum or reddit sub. Then the little worker bees go around censoring and deleting anything that seemingly “offends” those rules. There is 0% nuance in the mind of these bees. For example, I posted something asking what general functions were needed in a programming library for a specific task. They have a rule to not recommend libraries cause apparently this leads to opinions (those dreaded things). So of course that rule is unjust to begin with, but let’s just assume it’s reasonable. I was asking about the general functions needed in a library and the stupid little bee takes that as asking for opinions on what library to use.

With the amount of obscure rules on the internet today, it’s become like a communist dictatorship. No true opinions are allowed anywhere. Even on a fucking programming site. WTF? These people that create all these arbitrary rules and above all, the worker bees that “follow” them blindly are a disease. This disease has many parallels with neo-liberalism. It is a need for control and “order”. This “order” eventually turns everything into a dictatorship. It will always bloat and die. It is astounding to me how this also has nothing to do with intelligence. You will find people on the good side at all different IQ levels. It’s simply the belief that people should not be controlled and should have freedom of thought and the ability to express their opinions. The crazy thing is I think many of these bees would agree to that assertion, yet in practice it’s like part of their brain turns off. I swear I wonder if the brain patterns of people executing these rules is different than normal.

There are different sub-types of this disorder that have names. Domination, control, superiority complex, but there is no exact name for what I’m talking about. I’ll call it the “irrational language theorem”. It’s mainly focused on distortion/removal of language. It’s perpetrated by many that don’t even understand it or even agree with it. Instead, they simply use it for reasons of power or some other unknown reason. There’s still some hole in it that I don’t fully understand. It’s almost like cuckitry.

Some of the things the Nazis did were unbelievable. Many people are blown away that the order followers did what they did. This is a perfect example of how big of a problem this is. It’s the most serious genetic flaw in humanity at this time I think. What makes it so nefarious is that people who have this disease can look back at the Nazis and say that was ridiculous, yet somewhere deep down, they still have it inside them, just waiting to be exploited. It’s like a backdoor in software that people know exists, but yet they think they don’t have it themselves or they just turn a blind eye to it. Now, the difference between the Nazis and internet moderators is huge, but it’s just a little indicator that the problem still exists within a lot of people.

What would it take for it to go away? Maybe what’s happening now. It sucks, but maybe bill is doing the right thing? That makes me cringe.