Field Strength Calculator
Power: W Transmit power in watt
Gain: dBi Antenna gain in dBi
Distance: m Distance in meters
Value: V/m

- Calculates the field strength in a free field. The calculation is only valid in the far field (depends on antenna size and wave length).
- Usually this calculation will be an approximation of the real field strength due to near field situations, ground- and other reflections.
- Input: the power, distance and transmit antenna gain.
- The antenna gain is in dBi. A dipole has a gain of 2.14 dBi.
- Far Field for big antennas / sources: R(m) > (2 * D * D) / (300 / F(MHz)). D is maximum size of source in meters.
- Far Field for small antennas / sources: R(m) > (300 / F(MHz)) / (2 * PI).