All posts for the month March, 2022

I’ve updated the Realistic Clocks app. Another person has gotten involved and improved the graphics. There aren’t many more new clocks yet; that’s for version 2.0. However, there are many improvements:

  1. Transparency – The window can now be partially transparent (preset values or custom)
  2. Pendulum clock and classic analog graphics improvement by Adrian.
  3. Dragging the clock too fast will not mess up like before.
  4. Improvements to alarm – You may now specify specific days of the week or a date.
  5. Alarm is now a WAV file, so you may change it to your own sound (or leave it). Just make sure the new sound you put is roughly the same length.
  6. Chimes are added – You may choose Westminster Small or Big, or load your own custom WAV file.
  7. Gong is added – The clock will gong the number of times on the hour. You have two choices for gong.
  8. Custom Clock is added – You may now make your own clock w/o changing the source code. You just need to edit the Custom.ini. Remember to restart program to see changes!
  9. Tube Timer included – It’s the nixie tube clock in kitchen timer format. You set number of minutes 1-59.
  10. You can now stop alarm with right click (no more fixed # of seconds for alarm to ring).

Download ( 64-bit Windows 7+ ):