If you are not aware, planet source code is a website that used to host example Visual Basic source code. The site has recently been taken down due to problems with the server, however the source code archives have been retained.

The problem is that the included reader/indexer for the CD archive is not usable without database drivers that are outdated. I made a new reader program that indexes the CD without the need for any database drivers. This archive is good for people who are learning how to program and want examples for VB6.

The download link contained in this post just contains the reader program and a CSV for the data instead of a database. If you want the whole database I will link that as well.

It works with the archive you can download here. You will find the subfolders called .\Data\Pics and .\Data\Zips empty in this download. You need to place all the zip files from this post in there. They may not be 100% the same. I really hope they are. I downloaded the 7 CDs myself and converted into zip. Whats in the download linked in this post is altered, so hopefully they didn’t put different stuff in there. Please let me know if you have problems. This program can be made to work with other versions of the archive also. So if you have a different mdb file with newer content, send it to me and I can make this working with it.….o-Resource-CDs

There is a search feature (with whole string or each term option), category selection, image viewer, and zip file extractor. In order for the zip function to work, you need to have installed 7-zip. You will need 7-zip to open this download also. Everyone should use it at this point. It’s free and better than WinRAR.

It uses .NET 4.0. I believe that is included in Windows 10, but not 100% sure. I use 7 and XP and confirm it is working on both of those. If it’s not working on 10, tell me and I’ll make a release with a different version of framework.

Download Source:

(THIS ONE IS NOT FOR VBFORUMS USERS CAUSE THEY CAN’T USE EXEs, but for everyone else who wants an EXE) Download EXE:

I just finished this program today.

This is a program that displays sticky notes on your desktop. There is other software that does the same, but I prefer mine because it has many customization options. Change note size, font, font size, and color. You can have an unlimited number of notes on the screen. You may add it to your startup folder in Windows to make it load when you start the comp. Right now this software supports only Windows (although it may actually run on Linux using Mono, however, it has not been tested). It should work on XP through Windows 10 (on Win 10 you need to install .NET 3.5. You should be prompted when you start.)

In the future, I plan to add multiline support for the notes so you can make lists. I will also add self-destructing notes and notes that appear at a certain time. There will also be an alert note that will flash at a specified time and date.

Please give me your feedback on what features you want, and I should add it. Also let me know if you have any errors. I have only tested it for about a day, so there could still be some small bugs in it.

Download here:

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve added some RF calculators to the side panel of this website.

I use them almost daily when doing radio projects. Some of them are adapted from other websites and some are my own. They are all programmed in javascript, so no need to download anything.